Call for Papers

The IMID 2023 Organizing Committee cordially invites you to submit papers for oral and poster presentations. All papers will be reviewed by the Technical Program Committee and assigned to the appropriate session for oral and poster presentations.

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IMID 2023 Topics
IMID 2023 Topics
01. Special Session I: AI & Computational Technologies for Display 02. Special Session II: Display with Free Form Factors
03. Active-Matrix Devices 04. Applied Vision/Human Factors
05. AR/VR/MR and 3D Display Optics 06. Display Electronics and Systems
07. Display Manufacturing and Processes 08. Emerging Materials and Devices for Display Technology
09. LC Technologies and Electronic/Optical Materials 10. Light-Emitting Materials and Applications
11. Medical/Bio-integrated Optoelectronic Materials and Devices 12. Micro-LEDs
13. Soft Sensors and Actuators for Interactive Display 14. OLED Frontplanes
15. Quantum Dots

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