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Go beyond limits in AR/VR: Merck Science Connect

Merck Science Connect, initiated in 2019, serves as a bridge between academia and the industry, driven by a relentless curiosity to explore the future of displays. As we celebrate its fourth year since inception, our focal point of discussion delves into the future of display solutions through 'AR/VR.‘

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No. Presentation Time Title Speaker
1 16:00-16:20 Market Differentiation of AR/VR Display Jerry Kang (Research Manager, OLED & Emerging Display Technologies, Omdia)
2 16:20-16:40 Optical Techniques Toward Hyper-Realistic AR and MR Glasses Jae-Hyeung Park (Professor, Department of Information and Communication Engineering, Inha Univ.)
3 16:40-17:00 Next Generation Material for AR/VR Technology Dong-Mee Song (Head of Technical Marketing LC Korea and Business Development New Display Materials Korea, Merck)
4 17:00-17:30 Progress, Challenge and Opportunities in Oxide TFTs for Application from Display Backplane to AR/VR/Semiconductor Chips Jae-Kyeong Jeong (Professor, Department of electronic engineering, Hanyang Univ.)

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