Young Leaders Conference

Young Leaders Conference

Young Leaders Conference will be arranged for 2 Sessions.


YLC Session I is open to young scientists who would like to share and discuss their research achievement. Young Scientists are carefully chosen through our technical program committee and recommended for this session. All participants will take this unique opportunity to hear their recent research result. Please join our Young Leader Conference.

No. Presentation Time Title Speaker
1 09:00-09:15 Aerosol Jet Printing to Enable Additively Manufacturable Display Elements Prof. Joseph Andrews (Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison, USA)
2 09:15-09:30 Why Do the On-Silicon Displays Require Small-Area Driving Circuits? Prof. Jong-Seok Kim (Hanyang Univ., Korea)
3 09:30-09:45 Development of a 2D Diffractive Liquid Crystal Smart Window
with Single-Sided Patterned Electrode Substrate
Dr. Jae-Won Huh (Corning Tech. Center Korea, Korea)
4 09:45-10:00 Skin-Integrated Stretchable Haptic Displays Prof. Yei Hwan Jung (Hanyang Univ., Korea)
5 10:00-10:15 High-Resolution and Wide Color Gamut Light Emitting Diodes Dr. Sukyung Choi (ETRI, Korea)
6 10:15-10:30 Charge-Interactive Surface of Quantum Dots in Electroluminescent Devices [Kim Yong-Bae Award-Grand Prize]
Mr. Hyeonjun Lee (KAIST, Korea)


YLC Session II is open to students who would like to share and discuss their research results. After oral presentations, outstanding presenters among all YLC applicants will be selected by committees based upon their research originality and technical significance.

No. Presentation Time Title Authors
1 11:00-11:15 Quantitative Determination of Trap-Assisted and Langevin Recombination in Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Using Experimental Method Kyung Hyung Lee, Jae-Min Kim, and Jun Yeob Lee
(Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea)
2 11:15-11:30 3D Multi-Fold Structure OLED towards High Fill Factor Stretchable Display Jaehyeock Chang, Hagseon Kim, and Kyung Cheol Choi (KAIST, Korea)
3 11:30-11:45 Textile-Based Stretchable OLED with Kirigami Structure: Toward Attachable and Wearable Photomedicine Applications Yeji Shin, DongWoon Lee, Young Woo Kim, Minseong Park, Eou-Sik Cho, Sang Jik Kwon, and Yongmin Jeon
(Gachon Univ., Korea)
4 11:45-12:00 Facile and Biocompatible Scattering Layer based on DNA for Light Extraction in Organic Light-Emitting Diodes Hye Jeong Yeon, Juri Kim, Yongjin Park, Dong Ki Yoon, and Kyung Cheol Choi
(KAIST, Korea)
5 12:00-12:15 Facile Patterning of Inkjet-Printed Electrodes via Long-Term Stable Surface Treatment with ZnO Nanoparticles Jong Ho Park, Jinsu Yoon, Minkyun Kang, Hwaeun Park, Yiseul Kim, Hyungsoo Yoon, and Yongtaek Hong
(Seoul Nat'l Univ., Korea)

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