VISA Information

Any foreign visitors wishing to enter the Republic of Korea must have a valid passport and obtain a Korean visa before the visitation. For nationals in countries eligible for visa-free entry to Korea, one must obtain K-ETA. This is a new measure put in force in Oct. 2021. Please make sure to check whether you need a Korean visa or K-ETA.

Example of Entry Visa to Korea

Countries under Visa Waiver Agreement

Please visit the Korea Visa Portal website, or contact your local Korean Embassy for accurate visa information, as rules and regulations vary depending on the country you’re coming from.

The Korean government may have suspended visa exemptions and visa-free entry for foreign nationals in some countries due to Covid-19. Therefore, all individuals in those countries may be required to apply for a visa before travel even though they were previously eligible for visa-free travel to Korea. The list of countries affected by this measure can vary at any time with chages in Covid-19 circumstances; please make sure to check the up-to-date entry requirements before leaving for Korea.

If you need a letter of invitation for participating in IMID 2022, please email IMID 2022 Secretariat at

※ The IMID 2022 Organizing Committee issues invitation letter only to paper presenters or authors.

K-ETA(Korea Electronic Travel Authorization)

K-ETA is mandatory for nationals or citizens of 102 countries/regions, where visa-free entry is available.

  • You must apply for the K-ETA at least 72 hours before boarding the flight or ship bound for the Republic of Korea. You can apply for K-ETA on the K-ETA official website ( or mobile App (K-ETA)
  • The K-ETA is not a VISA. K-ETA approval does not guarantee admission to the Republic of Korea; a Korea Immigration Service officer at a port of entry will have the final determination.
  • Once you have been approved, the K-ETA is valid for two years. K-ETA is generally valid for multiple trips over a period of two years of until your passport expires, whichever comes first.
  • You can get the results by email within 72 hours after submitting the K-ETA application.
  • If you submit false information on the K-ETA application, the K-ETA approval will be refused or cancelled. You also may by subject to penalties or face entry restriction according to relevant Korean laws. Please re-check your information and correct any mistakes before submitting your application.
  • All overseas entrants and Koreans must register in advance their PCR certificate or vaccination certificate issued within 48 hours before boarding in order to enter Korea. A quarantine and monitoring period of 7 days remains necessary for non-vaccinated people and people whose vaccination is not complete.

Apply for K-ETA

  • In order to apply for K-ETA, go to the official website ( or download mobile App (K-ETA).
  • Who are eligible for: 102 countries that can enter Korea without a visa
    ※ Check your country in the links below. If your country isn’t listed, you need a visa to travel to Korea.
        Check with your embassy if travel visas are being issued now.
  • What you need to prepare your K-ETA

① Valid passport

② Valid e-mail address

③ Face image photo

④ Credit or debit card that can be used to pay the fee.

Fee: KRW 10,000 per person (Approximately USD $10 / additional fee 3% excluded)

※ K-ETA application fee is non-refundable even though the application is rejected.

※ You can use debit cards or global credit cards such as VISA, Master, JCB, or AMEX (automatic calculation of fees by country according to exchange rate).

For more detailed information, please refer to the official K-ETA website.