Merck Science Connect

Exploring the Future Displays: Introducing Merck Science Connect.

Merck Science Connect, which began in 2020, is a link between academia and industry created to explore future displays with constant curiosity. This year marks the third time since the start of 2020. The topic we're going to talk about is the future of displays that we've looked at as 'sustainability'.

Topics and panels:

  • 1st   :  “Objectives and strategies for the sustainability in display companies” by Johannes Canisius (Global head of product development, Merck KGaA)
  • 2nd : “How to realize sustainable working environment (smart glass) and energy saving display with creative products” presented by Heui-Seok Jin (Head of Product           Development, Advanced Display Materials, Merck Korea)
  • 3rd : “Sustainability in manufacturing site” by Jai-Jun Kim (Anseong Site Director, Merck Korea) and Chang-hun Ju (Korea EHS Manager, Merck Korea)
  • 4th : “How to create sustainability with printing technology of electrical inks for display manufacturing” by Prof. Yong-Young Noh (POSTECH)

How to watch:

In-person 3rd MSC on Aug. 25 (Thu.), 16:00-17:30 (BEXCO #313)

Registered participants can watch the recorded 3rd MSC via the online platform for up to 1 month after the conference!

For watching last MSC, please find out the video @ below Merck website

A small gift (water bottle buckle) for the participants in “Merck Science Connect”.