Young Leaders Conference 1

YLC Session I is open to young scientists who would like to share and discuss their research achievement.
Young Scientists are carefully chosen through our technical program committee and recommended for this session.
All participants will take this unique opportunity to hear their recent research results. Please join our Young Leader Conference.

[TB1] Oral 11. Young Leaders Conference 1: Material, Process, and Device for the Emerging Display Technology

  • Date : August 26 (Thu.), 2021
  • Place : Room B (103)
No. Presetation Code Category Presentation Time Title Speaker
1 TB1-1 Off-line 09:00-09:15 Direct Optical Patterning of Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diodes Prof. Himchan Cho
(KAIST, Korea)
2 TB1-2 On-line 09:15-09:30 Timed Control of Tunable White LED for Creating a Supportive Learning Environment Prof. Kyungah Choi
(Sungshin Women's University, Korea)
3 TB1-3 On-line On-demand From Light Responsive Liquid Crystalline Polymers to Remote Controllable Smart Materials Dr. Dae-Yoon Kim
(KIST, Korea)
4 TB1-4 On-line On-demand Liquid Crystal Smart Glasses for Higher Color Contrast and Reduced Glare Prof. Seungwon Oh
(Kangwon National University, Korea)
5 TB1-5 Off-line 09:45-10:00 Requirements for High-Resolution Stretchable Displays Dr. Haeyoon Jung
(LG Display, Korea)
6 TB1-6 Off-line 10:00-10:15 Dynamic Designer Phase-Change Metafilm for Versatile Visible Light Modulation Prof. Sun-Je Kim
(Myongji University, Korea)
7 TB1-7 On-line On-demand Surface Modification of Graphene Quantum Dots for Optoelectronic Applications Dr. Minsu Park
(KAIST, Korea)
8 TB1-8 On-line On-demand Novel Technology for Blue OLED based Display Dr. Jiahui Tan
(Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)
9 TB1-9 On-line On-demand Highly Efficient Electronic Chip Cooling Device based on Polymer Film Dr. Rujun Ma
(Nankai University, China)
10 TB1-10 On-line On-demand Interactive Artificial Sensory Synapse Based on Neuromorphic Transistors Dr. Jinran Yu
(Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)