i'M in Display (Online Photo Exhibition)

On behalf of the IMID 2021 Organizing Committee, we would like to welcome you to the Online Photo Exhibition.

"i'M in Display" Online Photo Exhibition is particularly meaningful as it is the first time via online conference exhibition. In this online photo exhibition, we hope to share the amazing experience in the moment of a new discovery in the field of information display with participants anytime, anywhere. This will allow us to get the technical knowledge as well as to see the beauty as a work of art.

"i'M in Display" is open to anyone who participates in IMID 2021. We are encouraging participation from universities, research institutes and companies related the information display fields. After the online photo exhibition, we will select the best photo and award a prize. Don't miss this exciting chance!
If you want to participate in our online photo exhibition, please fill out the application submission form and submit it through Google form.

i'M in Display Brochure i'M in Display Application Form i'M in Display Emblem

i'M in Display Information

Theme Amazing moments of the new discovery in the field of information display
Schedule Aug 25 (Wed.) - 27 (Fri.), 2021
Venue Online Conference Platform of IMID 2021
Application Deadline June 30 (Wed.), 2021 July 16 (Fri.), 2021
Applicable Materials
  • Photographs related to display development or fundamental research
    (e.g., microscope photographs, SEM photos, Equipment photos, etc.)
  • Graphical simulation results or drawings, graphs, illustrating a display-related concept or phenomenon.
How to Apply
  • Complete the application form and submit the photos via Google form (

    ※ Please submit the photo file within 10MB. (JPEG format).
    ※ Each applicant is permitted to submit up to two photo works.

※ Six awards will be given to the most interesting and imposing works. (Gold 2 / Silver 2 / Bronze 2)