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Merck's 2nd Online Panel Discussion: Merck Science Connect

COVID-19 has actually triggered the acceleration of several tech megatrends in an extremely short period of time.
One of megatrends will be related with enhanced the use video as a vehicle to bring people together. And entertainment and communications apps will drive and capture most of the increased data usage.
The astounding amount of data is needed to sustain them. The so called "data explosion" is driving the growth of related enabling technologies and sectors like 5G, AI and IoT.
More than ever in this trend, displays will continue to play a key role as THE key interface between humans and data. This is what we mean when we say displays humanize data: display is the vehicle for us to see and understand data.

@ IMID 2021, we're keen to talk about this data trends and the power of displaying, as an interface.

Topics and panels:

Please make sure to tune in to our online panel discussions to be held under two themes:

  • "Data has a better idea." Click

    With Dr. Seon-Woo Lee (Global Head of Electronics Data Office, Merck)
  • "The power of displaying, as an interface" Click

    with Prof. Seung-Hyup Yoo (KAIST), Mr. Jerry Kang (Omdia) and Dr. Dong-Mee Song (Merck)

How to watch:

After registering for the IMID conference, you will be able to watch the videos through the IMID online conference homepage from 25th. Aug~26th.Sep.
The IMID online conference homepage will be open from 25th. Aug.

To watch the last Merck Science Connect:

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