The tutorials are aimed to provide introductory courses for the newcomers to the information display technologies. The tutorials provide audience with four basic topics: OLED, Backplane, QD, LED Fundamentals, Sensor Application, AR/VR.

Participants can enjoy the tutorials in Online Conference (On-demand).

No. Title Speaker
1 Organic Light Emitting Diodes: Light for the 21st Century Canek Fuentes Hernandez (Georgia Inst. of Tech., USA)
2 Metal Oxide TFT Backplane Technologies for OLED Display Industry Jiyong Noh (LG Display, Korea)
3 Application-Targeted Design of Semiconductor Quantum Dots Dmitri Talapin (Univ. of Chicago, USA)
4 Epitaxial Growth of Light-Emitting Diodes for Display Pixel Applications Young Joon Hong (Sejong Univ., Korea)
5 Introduction to Sensor Technology for Displays Seongdeok Ahn (ETRI, Korea)
6 Towards Remote Pixelless Displays Kaan Akşit (Univ. College London, UK)