Special Tour

Night View Tour of Busan (Aug. 29 / Wednesday)

Haeundae Night Market

Busan Haeundae Market is a popular attraction most often visited during vacation seasons due to the fact that it is conveniently located near Haeundae Beach. There are many things to see and buy as well as much to eat as the market offers a wide range of products for sale. Fresh vegetables, meat and seafood are available at low prices as well.

Bridge Tour

Gwangan Bridge stretches over 7.4km and is the largest bridge over the ocean in South Korea. The bridge showcases wonderful night views and the upper part of the bridge captures the scenery of the sea and nearby cities.

Busan Harbor Bridge Opened in May 2014, Busanhangdaegyo Bridge connects Yeongdo-gu and Nam-gu. Busandaegyo Bridge is 3331 meters long, the main tower is 190 meters long, and the upper parts of the bridge are 60~66 meters above sea level. Particularly, LED lightening has been installed on the Busanhangdaegyo Bridge with the theme of four seasons of light. Many people enjoy the beautiful night scene of Busanhangdaegyo Bridge which alights with many different colors and shapes.

Busan Namhangdaegyo
Namhangdaegyo is a girder bridge in Busan. It spans Yeongdo-gu and Seo-gu and is 1.8 km long in total with four lanes of traffic (two in each direction). The bridge was constructed as part of the Southern Busan Thoroughfare initiative. It has significantly reduced time between Yeongdo Island and western Busan. Initially, a trip from Seo-gu to Yeongdo-gu (or vice versa) was 7 km long and would take 30 minutes. Now, it is only 2 km long and takes 3 minutes.

Songdo Beach Skywalk

Songdo Skywalk is a short trail over Songdo Beach, Korea’s the first official beach located in the western Busan. While most of the “Skywalk” trails in Korea are straight shaped, Songdo Skywalk has a curved shape similar to a gragon. From the 365-meter-long Songdo Skywalk over the blue ocean, you can enjoy the magnificent view around the Songdo Beach area with a small lighthouse and a small rock island called Geobukseom(Turtle Island). Nearby destinations includes Songdo Beach, Songdo Waterside Beach and Songdo Coatral Trail. The famouse Nampodong street and Jagalchi Seafood Market are also only about 10 minutes away by car.

The Bay 101 (Marin City)

The Bay 101 is located in a culture and art complex in Haeundae area, attracting many visitors to the area thanks to the beautiful nightscape that it offers.

Marine City is an expensive and prestigious residential area in Haeundae District, Busan, South Korea. Most of the buildings are very luxurious skyscrapers. Marine City is built on reclaimed land between the popular areas of Haeundae Beach and Centum City.  The tallest residential complexes in Marine City include Haeundae Doosan We've the Zenith, Haeundae I'Park Marina, Daewoo Aratrium Haeundae and Park Hyatt Busan.